Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loving Raindrops

Like drops of rain we are returning to the Father Ocean, or so the Hindu analogy goes. Each one of us is a little drop of ocean that must find its way back. The analogy stops there for most of us. It’s a pretty picture, poetic and romantic. We feel we understand. Therefore we are satisfied. We tuck the thought away as if it were complete. It requires no analysis or parsing. It is a whole picture in itself, the way things are.

Yet somehow something is amiss. The thought is not really complete. The story is not finished. It is simply a statement of the mystery of our existence hinting at a purpose yet to be disclosed. Thoughtfully we view the water drop. Perhaps we meditate as to its purpose. We see the light diffused into a rainbow and remark upon its beauty.

We see the world’s thirst quenched and the earth nourished. And yet a bit of the mystery lies still obscure, an ageless wonderment that only hints of an answer, but never enunciates the question. The drop of water is a miracle of formlessness. All life exists within it and outside it, but never without it.

And so we study and wonder, finally accepting its precious gift, yet unknowing the secret relationship between the water drop and the Father Ocean.. It is only a drop of water, surely this one drop is among the least significant of things. It could never be missed had it never existed. Yet it does exist as real when it is apart from Ocean as when it is united with its numberless counterparts.

The Ocean is mighty, a colossal force of incalculable energy, impossible to contain or control. But it is only an accumulation of seemingly insignificant drops. Each drop is composed of the same components as the ocean, Therefore, the mighty properties of Ocean reside in each water drop.

With that, our analogy is a little more complete. Each drop of water has a measure of the same creative force as the ocean. So if our Creator is the Ocean, then we are drops of God.