Monday, September 13, 2010

Essential Non-Verbal Communication

Language is an essential tool without which we could not survive. As all tools it can be used for purely creative and healthful pursuits, but it can also be used destructively. I believe our dependence upon the use of language exclusively as the only means by which valid communication can occur is a serious flaw in our approach to understanding our own nature. The major and most profound experiences that affect the formation of identity and personality are often not expressible with words. Therefore such impressions, perceptions and subtle experiences are currently ignored or deemed unimportant. Yet these aspects constitute the essence of our identities and they are valid at deep levels of our consciousness. To make them secondary in importance simply because they are not readily expressible with words causes emotional blockages that I believe are responsible for much illness among us. The arts serve as a multifarious venue for such non-verbal expression. I feel we all will be well-served by promoting artistic creativity and allowing it an increasingly important role in defining what we are.