Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Everyone's An Artist

Everyone is an Artist...

Often artists claim they only produce work for themselves and, although it is true that a great deal of satisfaction comes from creating something beautiful, artists would be disappointed if no one else viewed their work. If you doubt that just ask a child with his new finger paints how he feels when Daddy is too busy to look at his latest creation.

One would think that being an artist is something special, but it really isn't. We are all artists in that we create from the moment we are conceived. To create is our main activity in life for we create our own experience automatically without thought.

The artist creates art and then he has the obligation to show it. This is automatic and as children we eagerly display whatever it is that we create from spattered paint on paper spread with our fingers to the most touching gestures with crayon on walls. But there are many in latter years who refrain from allowing this creative impulse to manifest in specific venues. Yet I maintain that they are just as creative as the artists who strive to bring their inner vision to the rest of us. When an artist creates a scene it is the first movement of a conversation that is not complete until someone else views the work and is engaged by it. As the viewer contemplates the scene created by the artist he or she automatically creates the world in which that scene fits. That created world is just as valid as the scene which the artist creates and no less meaningful. In fact, it is only when the initial statement of the artist is answered by the viewer is anything of true meaning established.

My wish as an artist is that those who view my work realize that they are contributing to the final product that I initiate. It is within that context that my realization of general human love is manifest.